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Cooperhaus K9 Kennels German Shepherd puppies for sale
Available Dogs
We sell German Shepherds of all ages and training levels, from 8-week-old puppies to trained adult dogs.

We make a great effort to match the right dog with the right owner and stand behind every dog sold. This is what separates us from others in the industry.

We sell puppies and dogs that are primarily suited for working homes. However, working doesn't necessarily mean law enforcement or dog sports. A working home is a dog-active home where the dog receives consistent boundaries, training, and stimulation.

Dogs available are from our breeding program or another reputable breeder in the United States or abroad.

We also import dogs from Europe for clients with special requests.

Wanda Front View
Name: Wicapi Vom Warnemunder Moorgeist
Country of Origin: Germany
DOB:  6/15/2021

Wicapi (Wanda) is a high drive female imported from Germany and she is always excited to please her owner.

She loves to play ball and responds really well to obedience commands on and off leash.

Wanda is a high drive female that loves to work. She will thrive in a sport or an active pet home.  She is already spayed.

Wanda Side View
Nash Front View
Name: Nash Vom Tapeferen Krieger
Country of Origin: Germany
DOB:  6/8/2022

Nash is a strong bi-colored male with a strong desire to please his owner.

He will make a great personal or family protection dog.

He is obedience trained and will respond to commands on and off leash.  

Nash Side View
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