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Available Dogs
We sell German Shepherds of all ages and training levels, from 8-week-old puppies to trained adult dogs.

We make a great effort to match the right dog with the right owner and stand behind every dog sold. This is what separates us from others in the industry.

We sell puppies and dogs that are primarily suited for working homes. However, working doesn't necessarily mean law enforcement or dog sports. A working home is a dog-active home where the dog receives consistent boundaries, training, and stimulation.

Dogs available are from our breeding program or another reputable breeder in the United States or abroad.

We also import dogs from Europe for clients with special requests.

Name: Aperol Bohemica Terra
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
DOB:  3/19/2023

Apex is a stunning, sable male with a great attitude. He is an import from the Czech Republic.

Apex is the ultimate family/executive or personal protection dog with a very stable, rock-solid temperament.

He loves people and kids and is good with most dogs. He is very protective when needed but has a great off switch, so he is perfectly content just lying around and not doing too much.

He loves to play ball and is always up for a good tug-of-war game.

Apex is still young but has already proven to be an exceptional dog. Because of his sensitive nature towards his family, he is very easy to control.

However, he can turn it on by barking and becoming protective on command.

He can just as easily turn it off when commanded.

A dog with a temperament like Apex’ is not easy to find.

He is fully obedience trained and is in our protection training program.

Name: B'Ike Junior vom Arcane
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
DOB:  8/15/2022

Ike is the dog that turns heads wherever we go, and the compliments are endless.

His great temperament and protective abilities match his strikingly great looks.

He comes with a great pedigree full of top-notch dogs (Ike vom Teufelshang x Greta von Pike’s Spirit).

Ike would thrive in a working or active home that meets his needs. He is suitable as a high-end sport or family/personal protection dog.

He has the drive to work but knows when to turn it off and just be your friend.

He is fully obedience trained and is currently in our protection training program.

Name: Max Spod Kostola
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
DOB:  12/6/2022

Max is a beautiful medium-sized male with a great pedigree.

He is the grandson of Hasan Ja Na Ka, a very proven working and producing dog.

Max is a young and energetic dog with a very high prey drive. He is very ball and food-driven with eagerness to perform tasks for his owner.

Max is an extremely social dog with the ability to be protective and can turn it on when commanded.

Max has been exposed to a variety of environmental situations and has proven to be a very confident and outgoing dog with a great presence.

Max is a fun dog with an ideal temperament to thrive in any working capacity that is needed.

He is best suited for a situation where he will get lots of daily activity and work.

Max will be an ideal sport dog or personal protection dog.

Name: Hondo vom Kraftwerk
DOB:  2/12/2023

Hondo is a large, bi-colored male with a fun and outgoing temperament.

He is a serious dog that requires a little stricter handling.

He is more suitable for a working situation or an active household with strong rules.

He would do well in dog sport or as a personal protection dog.

Hondo has a great pedigree; his grandfather is the world-renowned Bolle Ja Na Ka.

He is fully obedience trained and is in our protection training program.

Name: Willi
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
DOB:  5/27/2023

Willi is a very large, sable-colored male with striking looks and character.

He is a big teddy bear but will diligently protect the family when needed.

He loves to play ball and is very sociable with people (including children) and other dogs.

Willi is always the same no matter where he goes, displaying great confidence and willingness.

He is a beast and is still just a big puppy.

He will make an ideal family/executive protection dog.

He is currently being trained in our obedience and protection training program.

Name: Nash
DOB:  10/10/2020

Nash is a strong bi-colored male with a strong desire to please his owner.

He will make a great personal protection dog.

He is obedience trained and will respond to commands on and off leash.

Name: Wicapi Vom Warnemunder Moorgeist
Country of Origin: Germany
DOB:  6/15/2021

Wicapi is a high drive female imported from Germany and she is always excited to please her owner.

She loves to play ball and responds really well to obedience commands on and off leash.

Wicapi is a high drive female that loves to work. She will thrive in K9 sports or an active pet home.  She is already spayed.

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